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Apis mellifera (Elsik et al 2014)

Apis Mellifera Official Gene Set version 3.2 (OGSv3.2)

Gene Prediction datasets AUGUSTUS

 Gene Prediction datasets  FGENESH

Maker Genome Annotation

Other Gene Predictions

Repeat region prediction on Amel_4.5, provided by Eckart Stolle.

 Euglossa dilemma (Brand et al 2017)
Euglossa dilemma Official Gene Set version 1.0 (OGSv1.0)

Bombus impatiens (Sadd et al 2015)

Bombus impatiens Official Gene Set version 1.0 (OGSv1.0)

Bombus terrestris (Sadd et al 2015)
The NCBI Annotation is the Official Gene Set of the Bumble Bee Genome Consortium. (Data will be added here shortly)
Lasioglossum albipes (Kocher et al 2013)
Lasioglossum albipes Official Gene Set version 5.42 (OGSv5.42)

10 BEE PROJECT (Kapheim et al 2015)
The bees included in the 10 Bee Project are: Apis floreaApis melliferaBombus impatiensBombus terrestrisDufourea novaeangliae, Eufriesea mexicana, Habropoda laboriosa, Megachile rotundataMelipona quadrifasciata, Lasioglossum albipes.  Data for all except A. florea are provided below.
The A. florea data is not available below because it is currently being analyzed separately by the Honey Bee Genome Consortium (HBGC) and the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center, the original source of the A. florea genome sequencing data. The A. florea data will be made available once the HBGC analysis is published.
Note the B. terretris and B. impatiens genomes and annotations were published by Sadd et al. 2015 prior to the 10 Bee Project publication, and annotation of those species was performed by a consortium supported by HGD. At that time the authors selected the B. terrestris RefSeq annotation as the Official Gene Set because other gene predictors did not perform well on an assembly generated with 454 sequence data, due to indels in the assembly. The B. impatiens and B. terrestris data below are not the Official Gene Sets.
Apis Mellifera

  • The 10 Bee Project used OGSv3.2, available at the top of this page.

Bombus impatiens (This is not the official gene set provided in HGD JBrowse) 

Bombus terrestris (This is not the official gene set provided in HGD JBrowse)

Dufourea novaeangliae

Eufriesea mexicana

Habropoda laboriosa


Lasioglossum albipes
The 10 Bee Project used OGSv5.42 (Kocher et al. 2013), which is available above.
Megachile rotundata

 Melipona quadrifasciata