EvidentialGene dataset for Nasonia vitripennis , 2012/January

Further information and downloads are available at:


Gene class counts
16231 Class:Strong     : >= 66% expression/homology evidence
5581  Class:Medium     : >= 33% expression/homology evidence
2640  Class:Weak       : worth considering but evidence is weak
6605  Class:Transposon : >= 33% transposon and no/weak expression
5257  Class:Poor       : mixed bag of partial models
7839  Class:Alternate  : alternate transcripts, all from EST/Rna assemblies


BLAST2GO analysis on the EvidentialGene dataset:

DISCLAIMER.TXT Please critically examine the data yourself!
readme.txt Information and background on methods used
blastResultNas2.0.xml.tar.gz Merged xml files containing blastp results
Nvit2.0_2.0.dat.gz blast2go DAT file
scripts.txt Python scripts usedin these analyses