Genomic Resources for Cardiocondyla obscurior

Genome Consortium Data Sets

C. obscurior Scaffold Genome Assembly v1.4

Cobs_1.4_Scaffold_Assembly.fa.gz - contains the FASTA sequences for Cobs_1.4 scaffold assembly.


C. obscurior Official Gene Set

Cobs_1.4_OGS.gff3.gz - contains gene annotations for Cobs_1.4 in GFF version 3 format.
Cobs_1.4_OGS_CDS.fa.gz - contains the FASTA sequences of all the coding sequences.
Cobs_1.4_OGS_proteins.fa.gz - contains the FASTA sequences for all predicted proteins in this gene set.


C. obscurior Repeat Prediction

Cobs_1.4_repeats.gff.gz - contains repeat predictions on Cobs_1.4 scaffold assembly in GFF version 3 format.


C. obscurior Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

Cobs_1.4_SNPs.vcf.gz - contains SNPs found between Japanese and Brazilian lineage, in VCF format.