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The Hymenoptera Genome Database is hosted and maintained by the Elsik Laboratory at the University of Missouri. HGD has been supported by USDA AFRI 2010-65205-20407, NRI 2008-35302-18804, USDA ARS, Golden Heritage Foods, Sioux Honey Association, and the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station grant.

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Data Usage Policy:

Genomes and predicted gene sets for the following Apis florea and A. dorsata are not yet published.These sequences are provided to the public pre-publication to allow research on individual genes to proceed faster than the genome analysis would allow. They are covered by the Ft. Lauderdale (1) and later Toronto (2) agreements whereby the data producers make the data available and state their intent to publish analyses, the data users ask permission to use the prepublication data and cite the appropriate source, and the journals and reviewers make sure that articles are published following the guidelines. Release to GenBank and Ensembl and similar repositories does not constitute publication. Please contact us if you wish to use these sequences in published analyses.