OGS GFF3 Files

The files below are gff3 formatted Official Gene Sets (OGS) from the original genome publications. In most cases, the OGS were transferred to newer assemblies using the UCSC LiftOver tool as implemented in the flo tool from the Wurm lab. The files with OGS transferred to newer assemblies have the word "liftover" in the file names. To access the OGS on the original published assemblies, go to the archived website for BeeBase, NasoniaBase or the Ant Genomes Portal.

The identifiers in the files below are those used in HymenopteraMine. In many cases the original gff3 were missing gene lines, so these were computed and new gene ids were assigned. The original ids are provided by the Alias tag in column 9 of the gff3. 

The genome assemblies on which these files are based are from a data freeze on August 18, 2020.