RefSeq GFF3 Files

The following files are gff3 for RefSeq genes. The AR number within each filename indicates the RefSeq annotation release. These are the files that have been loaded into HymenopteraMine and the JBrowse/Apollo browsers. The original gff3 were downloaded from the NCBI ftp site (species subdirectories within We parsed and reformatted the files to meet our requirements. Each original gff3 was divided into three files: protein coding, lncRNA, and other RNA. Pseudogenes are not included in these files. For species with full-length chromosome assemblies, the chromosome identifiers were changed to reflect the chromosome numbering system used by the communities (e.g. chromosome ids like "LG1" for Apis mellifera), as provided in the NCBI assembly report. The unassigned scaffold ids remain as RefSeq ids. All of the chromosome or scaffold ids in these files match the ids used in the genome assembly files.