Contributing Data

Please contact us if you would like to contribute a genome, official gene set, tracks for JBrowse or any other kind of dataset for HymenopteraMine or the Community Data collection.

Requirements for a new genome:

1. The minimal requirement is that an assembly and gene set have been submitted to NCBI and are available in GenBank.

2. It is preferable that the assembly has been annotated by RefSeq, which enables connections to other data sources in HymenopteraMine. If a RefSeq gene set is available, a gene set in GenBank is not required.

We will also take contributions of official gene sets for any genome that we already host. Each official gene set gff3 file must include gene, mRNA, exon and CDS features. If the gff3 lacks gene features, we will compute genes and assign new identifiers, keeping the original identifiers available as aliases.