HGD Release Notes

Release 2023_01 (January 2023)

  • HymenopteraMine v1.6 was released. See the HymenopteraMine update page for more information.
  • Fifty-eight new species have been added to HymenopteraMine and JBrowse. Updating of the BLAST databases, Download pages and Genome Publications is still in progress and will be completed by the end of January 2023. This release note will be updated.

Release 2021_06 (June 2021)

  • HymenopteraMine v1.5 was released. 
  • New species have been added to HymenopteraMine, JBrowse and BLAST. The genome assemblies and gene sets incorporated are based on a data freeze of August 2020.
  • We have computed Gene Ontology annotations for all species, and these are available for searching HymenopteraMine v1.5 and as downloadable files under the Downloads tab.
  • We have computed orthologs for all species using OrthoLoger v2.2, a pipeline developed by OrthoDB. Orthologs are available for searching in HymenopteraMine v1.5 and as downloadable files in under the Downloads tab.
  • The Downloads tab and pages have been reorganized. Protein fasta, CDS fasta, orthologs and GO have been added to Downloads.
  • In the JBrowse tab, species are now organized into Ants, Bees, Parasitoids, Wasps (non-parasitoid) and Sawflies.
  • Protein sequence databases have been added to BLAST.
  • The Genome Publications page has been updated.


Release 2020_06 (June 2020)

  • The HGD website has been updated and revamped. HGD data content is no longer separated into the three original divisions (BeeBase, NasoniaBase and the Ant Genomes Portal), but is now consolidated into one unified site. Use the Archive pull-down menu above to access data from one of the original websites, which will remain available but will no longer be updated. 
  • The current content of HGD is based on a date freeze data of April 4, 2019. We anticipate an update in Fall 2020 based on a May 2020 data freeze.
  • The JBrowse pull-down menu provides browsers for all species listed in HymenopteraMine v1.4 Data Sources, except unpublished genomes currently being annotated at the i5K Workspace@NAL. The assembly releases in JBrowse correspond with the April 2019 data freeze. 
  • The new HGD BLAST server allows you to search genome assemblies and view your blast hits in JBrowse. The HGD BLAST server currently does not provide search databases for proteins, coding sequences or transcripts. Since most of these genomes are available at NCBI, you can use NCBI BLAST after specifying an organism (under "BLAST Genomes") to search proteins and transcripts. Contact us if this is a problem for you.
  • The "Contributing Data" tab provides information on how you can contribute datasets for incorporation into a future release of HGD JBrowse or HymenopteraMine.